fabulondarkness: i really love your shirt designs! do you know of any good tips or tutorials for shirt making? I am really new to working with digital stuff and I am trying to figure out how to use templates/messing with transparency/getting images to fit on templates and such.

Sorry for the late response, and thank you! I don’t really know of any good tutorials… Ginger and I made the image first and then cropped it to the correct size. xD probably not the best way to do it but it works. For transparency I would recommend putting a light background and then a dark background behind the image to catch any stray bits of color or line that you don’t want to show up on the shirt. Also, semi-transparent sections of an image will not work and will show up opaque on the shirt. I hope this helps! 

When it comes to protecting the Universe, the Blood Stones don’t fuck around.

Beach City is about to have some unexpected visitors: a pair of rogue Gems that fight to keep warring alien races from destroying each other completely. Obsidian and Geode are here to test the new Gem in town, but will he be up to snuff? That’s for the Blood Stones to decide.  

sketches for an old thing that’s coming back 

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floating weapons


*metal voice* we are the blood stones

 get ready

cuz we’re gonna melt some faces

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Fighter fabric!!!  

I wish I could make clothing with this pattern I made ;__;

Credit me if you use it.

hoodie template

ooj: wow, your art is aesthetically perfect to me aaa !

Whoa thank you!  You are one of my favorite artists and a huge inspiration to me!!!image

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workin on a comic and stuff for class

I’m going LARPing as Meladox this weekend. I love playing as her so much! :)

Edit: I almost like the warm colors better!

Thanks for your help with colors everyone! Here’s the final piece! I really like how it looks flipped both ways :)

The prompt was “Scientists search for planets with life like our own.”

rub a dub dub

three demons in a tub

little book angel sketches

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 messing with colors

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