I made a Yakling design for goatlings!

I hope it gets into the mountain explore area :9

I got a new computer!!!

Now I just have to ….. de-install windows 8….. 

EDIT: Thank you hacker friends! :D

I think a popular artist got inspired by my axolotl girls! I’m so happy c:

Ginger and I made shrinky-dink charms yesterday! I’m pretty sure Ginger will be selling these and a bunch more at SacAnime, so be on the look out :)
Sorry for the lack of updates. My computer is busted and it will be for a while.
Rest in pieces. -_-

I really love my goats!! I can’t wait to draw the newbies at the bottom.

feel free to friend me ( I’m foxglovetea )

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i searched goatlings on this here site and most of the posts are from georgia and ginger


Awwww THANK YOU!! I really like making goatlings art. Maybe I’ll open commissions soon  :)

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My new Leo girl, Cinalotte. :)

She is secretly in love with the princess, and fights with the dream of someday being knighted by her.  

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more cats!

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summer cats

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I turned 21 today! 




when: 1 pm-5pm on Saturday, August 9th

whereQuickly Cafe

Address517 8th St Oakland, CA 94607 (right near the 12th st bart station! there are also a bunch of buses that stop only a block or so away)

Basically this is a meetup where people can hang out, talk, draw, and have a fun time! It is NOT FANDOM RELATED so please, feel free to stop by and meet some people :D

please bring your own art supplies aka markers, pens, pencils but nothing like paint or expensive materials because this will be in a public area and we don’t want you to loose anything. If you want something to eat please bring money, since we can’t afford to buy for everyone

and please do not feel afraid to come if you “dont feel talented enough”. This is a positive time for us all to make friends and have fun! Either way leave your worries behind and mingle :)

PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER: I’m going to ask that everyone be on their best behavior no matter your age (also minors are welcome). Just because you are around “internet people” does not mean you can act however you wish. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be respectful!!

if you start to get too rowdy or (no offense) just plain obnoxious I will come over and ask you to calm down. This is by no means an insult, but you need to be in control of yourself. We are in a public area. hopefully no one will be asked to leave, since I have faith people can handle themselves appropriately.

And last reminder this is a drawing meetup, its a social time but we’ll be focusing on art. There will be general meetups in the future, so there will be others

if you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

hope to see people there!!

Come hang out and draw with us!

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Here’s my design entry for the goatlings Leo Contest! 

I’m a Leo myself ( July 31st!!!) so this one is special to me. :D

Please vote for me here!

Anonymous: since you and goergia have gemsona, would there be a synchronize between you two?


oh ho I’m surprised you remember that :D

and yeah! we only came up with sketches and concepts but basically we fused into meteorite, a freaky centaur (4 legs instead of 4 arms) with a staff they used to wipe out entire armies

Here’s a quick sketch I did.

Ginger said it was too freaky.

I say it’s just freaky enough. image

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